We communicate in English, but we shine in Latvian.

There are few chefs that can cook eggs exactly the way you like them. We strive to have our translations in Latvian to be those perfectly cooked eggs. Latvian usually is either the source or the target language in the language in our projects. That’s our specialty. 

The following are the language combinations we work on daily:

  • Latvian < > English
  • Latvian < > Russian
  • Latvian < > German


Other language combinations that are required often are:

  • Latvian < > Estonian
  • Latvian < > Lithuanian
  • Latvian < > Polish
  • Latvian < > Norwegian 


We’ll certify our translations upon your request.

Translations of birth, marriage, death certificates, contracts, licenses, school records, and medical records are some examples of translations that often need to be certified.

Requirements vary among countries. Some countries have a requirement that a translator has to be sworn for certain types of translations to be accepted. In Latvia, there are no “sworn translators”. If you need your translation to be certified by a sworn translator, you should look for one in the country where such a requirement is in place.

Some clients ask for notarized translations.  We do provide notarized translations. Here’s what that means:

We can arrange for you that the copy of the source text is compared with the copy of the source text that is sewn together with a certified (by us) translation. Also, we can arrange for you that a public notary verifies the identity of the person in charge of the translation. However, you need to understand that no public notary in Latvia will hold any responsibility for the quality of the translation.

Please contact us to learn more. 

Please use one of these e-mail addresses to contact us:

sia_dodam@inbox.lv or info@dodam.lv


Our e-mail address for invoices: rekini@dodam.lv